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Our Chiropractic Techniques

At Funnell Family Chiropractic we will find the technique that suits the patient.

At Funnell Family Chiropractic we will find the technique that suits the patient.

Funnell Family Chiropractic utilises the most common and popular orthodox techniques taught in Universities around the world to correct the vertebral subluxations detected in your spine.

The Chiropractors at Funnell Family Chiropractic have attended numerous seminars and conferences around the world to remain current with techniques, practice management, and the latest scientific research.

While the number of techniques available are many and varied the key is to find the technique that suits the patient, not the patient that suits the technique.

Therefore after careful consideration of your needs the Chiropractors will discuss with you what the best technique is for you and what will get the fastest results. If you have had experience before with a certain technique please discuss this with your Chiropractor.

Please scroll down to see a list of techniques utilised at Funnell Family Chiropractic.

Are these techniques safe for everyone?

Each person has their own specific needs the Chiropractors at our office will take this into account when deciding with you what is the best technique for you. When adjusting babies the Chiropractors at Funnell Family Chiropractic utilise an extremely gentle ‘finger pressure’ technique. In many cases the baby doesn’t even wake! (Dr Funnell has been adjusting his own children since they were just a few minutes old)

So whether you are less than a day old or approaching 100 years old, the Chiropractors at Funnell Family Chiropractic are able to adapt the technique to suit you. Remember, we find the technique to suit the patient not the patient to suit the technique!


After identifying which vertebrae have lost their normal motion or position, a specific manual thrust is applied to free up “stuck” spinal joints. read more»

Network Spinal Analysis

Amazingly, a simple tap along your spine as you inhale and exhale, prompts your body to embrace a more peaceful, resourceful state. read more»

Toggle Recoil

While lying on your side, we’ll use our hands to deliver a quick contact to the upper bones of your spine. Your body does the rest. read more»


Sacro Occipital Technique helps normalize the relationship between the pelvis and the head, using gravity to make the necessary correction. read more»

Activator Methods®

This is a system of spinal evaluation combined with a handheld adjusting instrument that delivers a consistent, low-force thrust. read more»


This full spine approach relies on X-rays and a heat-sensing instrument for a thorough evaluation and documented results. read more»


By releasing the stress on a pregnant woman’s pelvis, the uterus and surrounding ligaments relax, permitting the baby to turn naturally. read more»

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