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Our Rotorua Chiropractors

Dr. John Funnell (Chiropractor)

Dr. John HeadshotMy classmates thought I was crazy going to the Chiropractor when I was at school! They couldn’t understand how Chiropractic helped children. How wrong they were, and how lucky I was to have parents who knew about the benefits of Chiropractic care for kids. You see, I wasn’t sick. I just felt better after seeing the Chiropractor.

Our family has always been fortunate to receive great Chiropractic care from some excellent Chiropractors. My older brother became a Chiropractor and he, along with some other Chiropractors I knew and respected encouraged me to look at Chiropractic as a career choice.

I travelled to South Carolina, USA to study at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. Here, I studied under some world leaders in Chiropractic and learnt that everyone could benefit from receiving Chiropractic care – regardless of age, occupation or whether they were experiencing symptoms or not. Now that inspired me!!! I graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1986 and moved back to NZ to set up practice in Rotorua.

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Since 1987, Funnell Family Chiropractic has helped many thousands of people gain better health and have better lives. We really do aim to provide lifetime wellness Chiropractic care to families. I see many families where 3 or 4 generations of the same family get regular Chiropractic care. These families have become some of the healthiest families in our practice. I love being a family Chiropractor and especially enjoy providing gentle Chiropractic care to babies as young as a day old! It helps them so much.

Family is important to me. Happily married to Margi, we have two wonderful children, Kiara and Jonah. Both children had their first Chiropractic check-up when only a few minutes old. Since then they’ve had regular check-ups to help them stay well and function at their potential. As a family we love spending quality time together and with friends. We love fishing, boating, the beach, and roast dinners!!

Enough about us. Thanks for visiting our website. How can we help you with Chiropractic care? I invite you to try Chiropractic care and experience the difference between a healthy spine and nervous system can make for your wellbeing.

I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Call our friendly team today or email me with the link below.

Dr. Margi Bishop-Funnell (Chiropractor)

Dr. Margi headshotMy Mum can’t believe how healthy I am now! As a child, I was always sick. I remember being on medications all the time and seemed to always be at the doctor. It was at a very young age that I had a goal to not be held back by my health and if possible to help others to be healthy.

When I started Chiropractic care at age 18 I was probably at my worst health, but I can now say that in my 40’s, thanks to Chiropractic I feel like I am getting healthier every day.

I gained my Chiropractic degree in Melbourne and graduated in 1990. It was five years of full-time study and was very challenging.

After a couple of years in practice in Ballarat in an office that specialised in Chiropractic care for babies and children, I headed off for my “Big OE” where I ended up in Santa Barbara, California. Whilst here I concentrated on training in a specialist Chiropractic technique called “NetworkSpinal” which is a profound technique that uses mostly gentle contacts on the spine.

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As a chiropractor, I really hope to help people (especially families) be living healthy, happy, relaxed lives. Chiropractic really delivers on this promise – it helps people be healthier and feel more relaxed and energised on a daily basis. I am just blown away at its effectiveness. I can’t imagine my own life nor those of my family without regular Chiropractic care. The families that I get to see on a regular basis really inspire me as they tell me how much healthier they are and how much more energy they have – even children who do better at their schoolwork!

I am married to John (who I met whilst doing my “big OE”) and we have two children, Kiara (10) and Jonah (5). Both our children have been receiving Chiropractic care since birth.

I can’t believe that it has been 20 years since I graduated as a Chiropractor. I cannot imagine my life without regular Chiropractic adjustments and wish the same health and joy for you.

Give our office a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health and enjoyable life.

Dr. Nicola Phillips (Chiropractor)

Dr. Nicola headshotI was introduced to Chiropractic as a child by my grandparents, now in their 90s and having received regular monthly adjustments for close to 40 years now at this very office. Four generations of my family receive regular Chiropractic care, including sister, also a Chiropractor. I have practiced here at Funnell family chiropractic for over 11 years now.

To me Chiropractic truly is a family affair and am confident Chiropractic can benefit us all. I look forward to seeing how Chiropractic can help you and your family.

When I’m not at the practice I enjoy living in Rotorua with all that it has to offer, enjoy spending time outdoors, and I continue to play netball and exercise on a regular basis. Another benefit of living in Rotorua is its close proximity to my family farm just on the other side of the Mamakus.

Dr. Melanie Bell (Chiropractor)

Dr. Melanie headshotI just love being a Chiropractor! Helping people of all ages live happier healthier lives is my passion. It continuously blows me away to see the positive changes in peoples quality of life when their spines and nervous systems are free from stress and tension.

I feel extremely lucky to have had chiropractic care since I was a child. In fact, I received my first Chiropractic adjustment here in Rotorua from Dr John Funnell to now be working alongside him and his wife Margi in this wonderful practice is just amazing.

I graduated in 2008 after 5 years of study at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. I then worked in a paediatric based practice in Mount Maunganui for 5 years specialising in chiropractic care for Pregnant women and babies.
Not long after having my first child I moved back to Rotorua to be closer to family and have loved being here ever since!

My other loves are spending time with my husband and two daughters, cooking wholesome meals to share with friends and family, yoga, art and being out in nature!

It is always a privilege to care for someone’s spine, I look forward to meeting you and seeing how Chiropractic care can help improve your quality of life.

Dr. Alison Brooker (Chiropractor)

Dr. Alison headshotI am excited to have this opportunity to come to Rotorua and Funnell Family Chiropractic! Born in Wellington, my family moved to Melbourne not long after my fourth birthday. I have memories of many family holidays spent driving far and wide around the North Island “doing the relo run” (and stopping for copious amounts of Hokey Pokey and Boysenberry ice-cream!) Rotorua was always on the itinerary.

I have always worked in Allied Health – as a podiatrist, dementia-specific caseworker and as a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner. One day I realised it was no longer enough and that what I really wanted to do was to be a NetworkSpinal Chiropractor. So, I returned to university to study Chiropractic at RMIT Melbourne. Best decision I have ever made. Totally worth it.

Last year, as I was chatting with Margi Funnell, I mentioned to her that she was doing something that I have always wanted to do – live and work in New Zealand as an adult. And now it’s all happening. I get to live in beautiful Rotorua doing the work I love – NetworkSpinal Chiropractic. My two mini Labradoodles (Jojo and Zazu) are coming along for the adventure and I know we are going to have a great time exploring the area together.

I am so looking forward to meeting everyone! If you see me around come say Hi. Jojo and Zazu are always ready for a pat and a chat. See you all in the adjusting room soon!

Dr Anabella Newman (Chiropractor)

Dr AnabellaI’m super excited to be part of the talented team at Funnell’s. As a chiropractor my absolute passion is to help you keep doing what you love and need to do for as long as possible in life, through Chiropractic care.

I have a special interest in the latest scientific research on chiropractic adjustments and how they affect our brain and body function. I want to tell everyone about this and how chiropractic can help us live more enjoyable and healthier lives.

Rotorua is my place in the world, where I love to live because of the people, the mountain biking and the lakes. My favorite kind of relaxation is heading out for a trail run or a day on the lakes soaking-in our truly beautiful surrounds. If you see me out there, say hi! Bonus points if you have a dog I can pat.

Dr Bronia Tindall (Chiropractor)

I studied at the New Zealand college of Chiropractic.  I’ve always loved to travel so following my 5 years of study I was eager to spread my wings.  Since then, I’ve practiced Chiropractic in the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand.  I speak French and a little Italian from having lived in both those countries.  I’ve also been on Chiropractic mission trips to Rarotonga and Thailand to serve those that would not ordinarily have access to chiropractic care.  I still love to travel and enjoy exploring NZ as well as new places, cultures, and restaurants as I have a love of food, culture and the arts.

As a Chiropractor I love meeting new people and their families. I’m often had 3 generations coming in and enjoy knowing these families over the years and being part of their healthcare team helping them lead healthy lives reaching their full potential in whatever they choose to do. I did my philosophy thesis on how chiropractic helps people be fully self-expressed and I enjoy helping people create lives that are more fulfilling. I specialise in a gentle technique known as NetworkSpinal where specific gentle spinal contacts teach the body strategies to effectively recognise and release tensions that build up in the body, spine and nerve system. The body learns how to self-correct and transform its tension patterns over a series of visits thus giving the body more energy to use for doing what you love.

I look forwards to meeting you and helping you live your best life!





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